If you are a service provider who would like to partner with us, please find more information about the LAW Project below:

Who We Are:

The LAW Project is a 501(c)(3) legal service agency founded in 2009 to assist clients who are looking for work with a criminal record. In 2017, we expanded our mission in order to add programming to serve system-involved families and youth.  

The LAW Project has a 7-person board experienced in legal advocacy, education, healthcare, nonprofit management and small business management. The board consists of five attorneys with a combined total of over 40 years in the Public Defender’s Office. Two of our board members have a combined total of over 24 years experience teaching Special Education in a public school setting.

What We Do:  

The LAW Project offers the following:

+ Know Your Rights presentations to community groups, agencies and organizations:

  • Looking for Work with a Criminal Record

  • Kids, Parents, & the Special Education System  

  • Kids, Parents, & the Delinquency System

+ Expungement Clinics

+ Juvenile Record Sealing

+ Legal advocacy for families with children who have unmet educational needs.

+ Legal advocacy for youth who are involved in the juvenile delinquency system.

How We Work:

We are a 501(c)(3) founded in 2009. We are able to provide our services at no cost to clients by recruiting and training volunteers on a pro bono basis. Our volunteers come from law firms, law schools and from the local community. We leverage existing community resources in order to be able to provide free legal services to those without meaningful access to legal advocacy

Past Community Partners*:

  • Los Angeles Urban League  

  • Mayor’s Office (Gang Reduction & Youth Development)

  • AmeriCorps

  • PATH

  • Trade Tech

  • ELAC Legal Aid Works

  • Veterans Administration

  • Department of Mental Health

  • Loyola Law School

  • Southwestern Law School

  • WorkSource

  • Learning Works

  • FAME Legal Clinic

 * Partial list